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Welcome to my bootleg video trading page. Keep the metal heavy and hard.

Welcome. These are videos that I have for trade. I used to have alot more than this but I have recently been throwing alot of videos out. I have been carefully going through them. I rate them the best that I can. If you have any questions EMAIL me. All videos are in USA format.

1.don't rip me off
2.use high quality tapes only (I use Sony or Maxell Standard)
3.SP mode only unless otherwise agreed on
4.use priority mail only not write on labels. Write on seperate paper or on back of label

PRO=PRO unless otherwise stated
- is a little less. May have a little glare.
+ is a little better

*AC/DC Australia Live 1978 40 min PRO A
*AC/DC London TV 1976 40 min PRO A
*AC/DC Razor videos PRO
*AC/DC Who Made Who PRO
*AC/DC Fly On The Wall PRO
*AC/DC Let There Be Rock pro 98 min
*BLACK CROWES w/ Jimmy Page 10/19/99 GREEk Theatre, LA 120 min A
*BABYLON AD Brooklyn, NY Nothin Sacred tour A-/A
*BADLANDS 1989 Mountainview, CA 45 min PRO A
*BLACK SABBATH (Dio) 11/13/92 Oakland, CA 110 min A
*BLACK SABBATH 1978 London Never Say Die tour
*BRITNY FOX 7/3/88 Empire Club Philladelphia, PA A
*CINDERELLA Shakes Japan 1986
*CRADLE OF FILTH 8/7/99 Detroit, MI A
*CRADLE OF FILTH 7/26/97 Milwaukee, WI A
*DISTURBED 3/30/01 Lowell MA A
*DANGER DANGER 5/31 92 NHK Hall Tokyo Japan PRO A+
*DANZIG 1998 Kolon Germany PRO 60 min
*DANZIG 1994 New York A-/A 80 min
*DIMMU BORGIR Live and Unplugged vol.II PRO
*DANGEROUS TOYS 7/25/92 Austin, TX 80 min PRO
*FASTER PUSSYCAT 1988 Detroit, MI 2 small messups in tape 45 A-
*GODSMACK 3/2/01 Worcester, MA (censored No F words)
*HELIX The Videos 15 min PRO
*HEAR N AID The Sessions 30 min PRO
*HANOI ROCKS Wasted Years 60 min PRO
*IRON MAIDEN 12 Wasted Years 90 min PRO
*JUDAS PRIEST 9/1/01 Buenos Aires Argentina TV PRO (Ripper)
*JUDAS PRIEST 1988 Miami, FL A-/A
*JUDAS PRIEST 10/31/98 New York City, NY A (Ripper)
*JUDAS PRIEST Metal Works 73-93 PRO 90 min
*KROKUS The Video Blitz 60 min PRO
*KING DIAMOND 11/26/89 At the Numbers Club Houston, TX A-
*KING DIAMOND 7/20/00 At the Key Club Hollywood, CA A
*KING DIAMOND 9/28/88 Houston, TX A- Missing peice of beginning and the end. Camera moves quite often. There is a part in the middle where the screen turns blue. Still a cool show.
*KING DIAMOND 8/12-8/13/86 San Fransisco, CA A-/A first show is a 30 min full show. I added another show that had no sound at the beginning so I edited it and filled the tape. This is a classic. Very cool show.
*KING DIAMOND 7/22/00 at the Maritime Hall San Fransisco, CA A Small amout of snow that doen't interfiere with the show.
*KING DIAMOND 4/24/98 Ontario, CA A-/A (some people get this show mixed up with 4/29/98 Ontario Canada) Awesome show with a small amount of glare when the camera pulls back.
*KING DIAMOND Saturday Night Shocker interview. King talks about the MF Return of the Vampires album. King slits his wrist and licks up the blood. Also included is a KD interview at a radiostation for the MF Time album and autograph signing. PRO If you don't have this one it is a must have for your collection.
*KING DIAMOND Chile Mtv Special 45 min interviews and videos PRO
*LOVE/HATE Compilation all the videos and live show from the Black Out In The Red Room tour PRO
*LIZZY BORDEN The Murderous Metal Roadshow PRO
*LOUDNESS 1993 Welcome To The Slaughter House 90 min PRO
*LAAZ ROCKIT Taste Of Rebellion live at Citta 60 min PRO A+
*LA GUNS One More Reason The Videos PRO
*LA GUNS 11/14/88 Tokyo Japan PRO 80 min
*LA GUNS 1999 Reunion w/Phil Lewis A+
*MERCYFUL FATE 84-93 two hours of interiews and clips. some not in English. 85% is in English. Very cool stuff. Very small section that is messed up at an autograph signing. PRO(A+)
*MERCYFUL FATE 1993 Ft. Lauderdale, FL A
*MERCYFUL FATE 1/20/95 New Jersey A
*MERCYFUL FATE 10/4/99 Montreal Canada A
*MICHAEL MONROE 12/31/89 Tokyo Japan PRO A+
*MICHAEL MONROE 12/4/89 Whisky a Go-Go Los Angeles, CA PRO A+
*MR. BIG Live 1992 95 min PRO
*MEGADETH Exposure Of A Dream 45 min PRO
*MEGADETH Rusted Pieces 35 min PRO
*MEGADETH 9/20/92 London England
*MARILYN MANSON 8/16/97 Germany 40 min PRO
*MARILYN MANSON 3/20/01 Tokyo Japan A
*MARILYN MANSON 1/31/01 Hamburg Germany 25 min 5 songs PRO
*MARILYN MANSON 6/8/01 Tinley Park IL A missing 1st song because camera isn't set. You can hear it but cannot see it.
*MARILYN MANSON 5/2/97 Hamilton Canada A
*MARILYN MANSON Dead To The World 60 min PRO
*MARILYN MANSON Demystfying The Devil PRO
*MARILYN MANSON 2/7/97 Kansas City, KS A
*MOTLEY CRUE 1997 San Fransisco, CA A
*MOTLEY CRUE Decade Of Decadance 84-94 PRO
*MOTLEY CRUE Uncensored 45 min PRO
*MOTLEY CRUE 9/15/85 Detroit, MI 105 min A-
*MOTLEY CRUE 6/8/84 Quebec City, Canada A-/A
*NUCLEAR ASSAULT Handle Wih Care Eurpean Tour 89 PRO 62 min
*NINE INCH NAILS at Madison Square Garden in New York 5/9/00 w/ special appearance of Marilyn Manson.
*POISON 7 Days Live PRO
*POISON MTV 12/31/87 2 songs 15 min PRO
*ROB ZOMBIE 11/27/98 Mesa, AR A
*SAXON 1983 Nottingham PRO 60 min
*SLAUGHTER The Wild Life 1992 PRO 72 min
*SLAUGHTER From The Beginning 60 min PRO
*SHOTGUN MESSIAH 7/4/92 Detroit, MI A- 65 min
*SKID ROW 10/8/92 Boudakan (last show of No F**kin Frills tour) PRO 155 min
*SKID ROW Oh Say Can You Scream PRO 1hr 40 min
*SKID ROW Roadkill PRO 120 min
*SLAYER 8/31/88 Felt Forum, NY A-/A
*SLAYER Live Intrusion PRO
*SLAYER Ubernoise PRO
*SLAYER 11/14/91 Troy, NY A
*SUICIDAL TENDENCIES Lights Camera Suicidal PRO 45 min
*SOD Live at Budokan 1985 PRO 60 min
*TWISTED SISTER 1986 Detroit, MI At the Fox. Come Out and Play B+
*TWISTED SISTER 1984 Stay Hungry PRO 60 min
*TUFF Decade Of Distant Memories PRO
*TUFF Religious Fix PRO 60 min
*TUFF What Comes Around Goes Around PRO 60 min
*TUFF 11/6/87 Hollywood, CA at the Whisky 60 min A (tinny)
*TESTAMENT 8/8/99 lincoln, NB A-/A
*TESTAMENT 1989 Axiom in Houston, TX
*TESLA 5 man accoustic band 7/2/90 Trocadera Philladelphia, PA PRO A+
*TIGERTAILZ Live 90 Bezerk PRO 60 min
*VENOM Live 1985 London Hammersmith Odeon PRO 60 min
*VENOM 7/26/97 Milwaukee, WI
*WIDOWMAKER 12/11/93 Spit Rocks (couple small mess ups, no big deal)
*WASP Videos In The Raw PRO 60 min
*WASP Comp. 1st Blood Last Vision/The Dungeon Masters and more
*WASP 90% WASP Hamburg, Germany MTV 1997 PRO
*WARRANT PPV 1991 105 min PRO
*WARRIOR SOUL 11/2/93 Essen Germany A-/A
*WENDY O WILLIAMS Live...Terror Unleashed PRO 60 min
*Y + T Live At The San Fransisco Civic PRO


*TRICK OR TREAT (Ozzy and Gene Simmons) horror
*METAL YEARS Decline of Western Civilization II
*ROCKSTAR (Mark Wahlburg)
*LIGHT OF DAY (Joan Jett)
*THUNDER ALLEY (Lief Garrett) One flaw in tape

If you are intersted in any of the above videos please EMAIL me your questions on the specific show.